Am/Can Ch Degana Cole Porter, TP


Please Note: This survey is currently being updated. Results will be available at PCA 2004!!

Cole Porter was at public stud for 10 years. His oldest puppies, a Degana litter, turned seven years old Jan. 20, 2001. All six puppies remain in excellent health.

In November 1999, I started contacting the breeders who have used Cole Porter in their breeding programs. My main concern for doing this was to gather information regarding the health and quality of the puppies he has produced. I wish to thank all of those breeders for their enthusiastic response, for their own dedication to the health of their breeding program, and for their honesty in sharing this information. See below for the statistical data from 41 of his litters.

Statistical Data
Offspring of Am/Can Ch Degana Cole Porter, TP
Information Collected: 1999, Compiled: Jan 17, 2000

General Statistics - Sex, Color, Titles

Number of litters sired (1/17/00):42
Number of Litters Reporting:41
Total Puppies Reported:259
Black Males:115
Black Females:85
Cream Males:26
Cream Females:25
Total American Champions:22
Total Canadian Champions:3
Other Titled Get:1 UKC CD
1 TD
1 Can CD
1 German Jr. Champion

Health Statistics

Hip Ratings Reported
OFA Excellent6
OFA Good15
OFA Fair2
German Good1
Not PassingZero

Eye Results Reported
CERF Clear13
Equilateral Cataract1
Cancerous Eye Tumor1

Skin Biopsy Results Reported
SA Clear8
SA Inconclusive3 (Two have since been cleared prior to Jan 17, 2000.)
Affected1 (Has not been documented. Breeder refused to GDC register and has euthanized the dog without anyone else seeing it. The dam of said puppy has been bred several times after her Cole Porter litter.

Health Problems Reported
2Autoimmune; died; not littermates.
1Thrombocytopenia; a littermate to an above Autoimmune, but maintaining on medication.
(2001 - 1 additional reported; no relation to previous.)
2JRD; littermates, one died.
1E-coli, died; littermate to above JRD cases.
1Death due to possible bacterial infection; all else ruled out.
1Addison's; diagnosed at 4+ years, maintaining.
(2001 - 2 additional reported; none are littermates.)
1Suspected epilepsy.
1Bloat; occurred after trauma, dog has been fine since.
8Entropian; from 4 litters; 5 requiring surgery to correct. I believe there to be a higher incidence when line breeding on one particular dog.
25Stained Teeth; Two litters reporting "all somewhat affected."One litter with 3. Eight litters reporting affected.
(2001 - I personally have seen more on current litters.)
1Withheld testicle; later descended.
(2001 - one more at 6 months still withheld.)
1Missing premolar.
1Litter with misaligned lower canines.

Breedings which proved to be "Test Breedings"
Cole Porter was bred to one bitch which eventually produced SA from another sire. So far all pups are fine at 4 1/2 years (1/17/00).
Cole Porter was also bred to one bitch which subsequently developed Epilepsy. So far all pups are fine at 7 years (2001).

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Jennifer A. Dege

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